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BUNDABERG Lions Club inc.

District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia

Melbourne Cup


How does the Melbourne Cup Sweep work?
The sweep works a bit like a giant raffle. Usually threre are 24 horses so 24 tickets need to be drawn in order (first draw Horse 1 etc). If you don't get your ticket number drawn that is it for you and we thank you for your support. If your number  is drawn your horse is allocated by order of the draw. Everyone that draws a horse wins a prize. If your ticket comes out in the draw we will ring and advise you. The result of the draw is published on this site and our Facebook as soon as possible. (usually the Sunday Night before the race). You now have to wait for the Melbourne Cup Race to see if your horse wins 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last place prize or a non-placed prize. This is why it is called a sweep. 

All the funds raised will go to worthwhile Lions Projects. In a way that makes everybody a winner. It could even be your life that is saved from one of our Medical Research Projects.

Lions Club of Bundaberg Inc
Melbourne Cup Sweep 2022

If no last name there is a partial phone number.

  Lions Melbourne Cup Sweep 2022 Ticket Name Phone last 3 No.
1 GOLD TRIP 1549 Vicki Mills xxxxxxx078
2 DUAIS 1335 V Purko xxxxxxx471
3 KNIGHTS ORDER 1827 Anita Jordan xxxxxxx310
4 MONTEFILIA 870 C Storm xxxxxxx094
5 NUMERIAN 1319 Merle xxxxxxx474
6 WITHOUT A FIGHT 1254 Linoa Jensen xxxxxxx934
7 CAMORRA 3083 Ross xxxxxxx058
8 DEAUVILLE LEGEND 2654 Jill Dunn xxxxxxx391
9 STOCKMAN 815 Judy Kirchner xxxxxxxx843
10 VOW AND DECLARE 718 Des Kemp xxxxxxx847
11 YOUNG WERTHER 2920 Beryl Roberts xxxxxxx868
12 HOO YA MAL 2728 Andrew Doolan xxxxxxx029
13 SERPENTINE 3414 Emily xxxxxxx547
14 DAIQANSWEET JUNIOR 2027 June Cole xxxxxxx908
15 GRAND PROMENADE 2189 Keith Saunders xxxxxxx179
16 ARAPAHO 3079 Ross xxxxxxx058
17 EMISSARY 602 Josie xxxxxxx660
18 LUNAR FLARE 2619 Fred xxxxxxx919
19 SMOKIN’ ROMANS 2867 Roy xxxxxxx887
20 TRALEE ROSE 2948 Jenny Latham xxxxxxx974
21 POINT NEPEAN 1266 Tony Haack xxxxxxx262
22 HIGH EMOCEAN 544 Marc Peterson xxxxxxx165
23 INTERPRETATION 2663 Jennifer Durrant xxxxxxx860
24 REALM OF FLOWERS 2441 Jos Warrell xxxxxxx598