Peace Pole Bundaberg

BUNDABERG Lions Club inc.

District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia

Lions Bursary


In 1993 the Lions Club of Bundaberg received a legacy from the Estate of John Francis Novakoski of Bundaberg.  A short time later the Club was approached by the Farmers Federation to return to the Bundaberg community monies that had been collected in this area for a "fighting fund", and was no longer needed.  With the blessing of the trustees, both monies were pooled to form the basis of the "Lions Club of Bundaberg Bursary".  A donation by Hon. Lions Lady Alma Ing in 1999 was added to the principal, allowing the interest to be presented as the bursary. Bundaberg Lions Club also adds to the pricipal from time time. In recent years interest rates have not been high so we do subsidise the Bursary. We have managed to set the Bursary at $500 for the last few years. 

This bursary is presented annually, on rotation through six secondary schools in Bundaberg.  The relevant school principal chooses the recipient.

The selection criteria for the bursary winner requires the recipient

  1.  to have good scholastic results;
  2.  not be the recipient of any other school award or bursary;
  3.  to be involved in school activities outside the classroom;
  4.  to participate in other community activities; and
  5.  to be proceeding on to tertiary studies.

Bursary winners are set out in the following table.


2022      soon                  Kepnock S.H.S

2021 Hannah Munro        Bundaberg S.H.S

2020 Ainsleigh Morgan    Bundaberg Christian College                      

2019 Annebelle Sandker-van Grunsven   St Lukes College

2018 Olivia O'Beirne       Shalom College

2017 Miranda Steel         Bundaberg North S.H.S

2016 Brooke Roberts       Kepnock S.H.S

2015 Lachlan Russell       Bundaberg S.H.S

2014 Elizabeth Williams   Bundaberg Christian College

2013 Madeleine Sherry    St Lukes College

2012 Alice Galea              Shalom College

2011 Jemma Heap            Bundaberg North S.H.S.

2010 Jessica Dickie           Kepnock S.H.S

2009 Brooke Phillips         Bundaberg S.H.S.

2008 Marissa Willett         St Lukes College

2007 Nicole May               Shalom College

2006 Kelly Taylor              Bundaberg North S.H.S.

2005 Giau Nguyen            Kepnock S.H.S

2004 Danielle Thompson   Bundaberg S.H.S.

2002 Melinda Grills            St Lukes College

2001 Emma-Lee Whyte   Shalom College

2000 Peter Delley            Bundaberg North S.H.S.

1999 Karen Wherritt        Kepnock S.H.S.

1998 Elizabeth Grayson    Bundaberg S.H.S.

1997 Kathryn McDonald   St Lukes College

1996 Fiona Ridge              Shalom College

1995 Anne Galletly and Sherrin Lovell Bundaberg North S.H.S.

1994 Philip Biedermann      Kepnock S.H.S.

1993 Megan Burke            Bundaberg S.H.S.

Bundaberg High State School Bursary and Awards.


Thanks to the generosity of one of our members a new bursary and two awards are being made available to Bundaberg State High School. The bursary and awards will be funded by a small share portfolio. Depending on return dividends the value of the bursary and awards may vary year to year. The bursary and award winners will be selected by the Principal from the criteria given. The Bursary and Awards are Lion George Pohlmann Bursary for Maths, Lion George Pohlmann Incentive Award, and Lion George Pohlmann Award for Young Arithmetic.

Lion George Pohlmann Bursary for Maths.

This Bursary to be presented to the highest achieving mathematics student in Grade 12.


Lion George Pohlmann Incentive Award.

The selection criteria for the bursary winner requires the recipient to be a Grade 12 student and

 to have good scholastic results;

 not be the recipient of any other school award or bursary;

 to be involved in school activities outside the classroom;

 to participate in other community activities;



Lion George Pohlmann Award for Young Arithmetic.

This award is for a Grade 8 student who is considered to be the best at arithmetic.